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Fernando Cavalier is the author of the book Archangels and the End of Times. A book that tells the ultimate battle between good and evil in our world. This book was published as a regular book before the publisher changed his editorial line, excluding the literary segment. Therefore the book is being published only as E-Book by the site Arcanjos.com .

Actually are being produced the books 'The Visitor's Legacy' and 'The Book of the Human Scriptures' . TBHM is not a traditionally ficction story . This book compiles real informations obtained from ancient documents, amplified with commentaries and analogies to make a story as contemporary as possible. This book invites the readers, by themselvs, to rethink your own life, the world as we know and even the future itself. 'The Visitor's Legacy' follows the ficction line. There is ficction, facts and speculations. And, in collaboration with other author, it is being written the sequence Universos that is being available in the site Omniverso.com .

If you wish to contact us use the email contact@fernandocavalier.com .

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